Sharing Personal Information

Avex Group is committed to protecting personal information, as set out in this policy document, and understands the importance of privacy.

Acquiring personal information and usage objectives

1. In order to provide integrated services from each Group company of Avex Group, the personal data acquired by each Group company may be shared within the Group when within the scope of usage objectives
2.The personal data Avex Group shares is as follows:

.Name, gender, age, date of birth, occupation, address, phone number, email address, product and service purchase history, content of answers written in surveys and competitions.

3.Entities within the Avex Group which may share information are as follows:
  • (i) Avex Inc.
  • (ii) Avex Digital Inc.
  • (iii) Avex Music Creative Inc.
  • (iv) Avex Pictures Inc.
  • (v) Avex Management Inc.
  • (vi) Avex Vanguard Inc.
  • (vii) Avex Live Creative Inc.
  • (viii) Avex Planning & Development Inc.
  • (ix) Avex Sports Inc.
  • (x) Avex Music Publishing Inc.
  • (xi) Avex Broadcasting & Communications Inc.
  • (xii) UULA Inc.
  • (xiii) Avex Classics International Inc.
  • (xiv) The Anime Times Company
  • (xv) Avex Nico Inc.
4.Avex Group may share personal information within the scope of the following purposes:

(a) In order to develop new services as well as provide and improve existing services and products used by customers

(i) in order to improve website, product and service content for customer satisfaction
(ii) in order to customize website, product and service content to meet individual customer needs
(iii) in order to gauge customer satisfaction for information and products ordered by customers
(iv) in order to gauge customer usage status for the improvement of existing services and the development of new services

(b) In order to deliver information on products and services provided

(i) in order to deliver information on events and Avex Group artists
(ii) in order to deliver information on membership services and other services
(iii) in order to announce requests for survey participants and the results of such surveys

5.Shared-use Supervisor

Avex Inc.