Compliance Policy

At Avex, the following compliance policy is positioned as the cornerstone of official guidance in taking appropriate actions and making proper judgments while conducting business activities. In order to ensure that staff understands the Avex Compliance Policy, the company administers a yearly compliance test.

Don't cheat.

  • 1. Engage in fair, transparent and open competition.
  • 2. Do not contradict the legitimate interests of the company to promote your own or a third party's interests.
  • 3. Do not employ dishonest means in business activities.

Don't bully.

  • 1. Respect human rights and do not engage in acts of discrimination.
  • 2. Interact with business partners in a proper, honest, fair, and open manner.

Don't play around with other people's money.

Do not socialize with business partners in ways that depart from sound commercial practice or common sense.

Don't lie.

  • 1. Disclose accurate information.
  • 2. Engage in proper promotion and advertising.

Don't be arrogant.

Comply with laws and regulations, and respect social norms.

Don't be wasteful.

Recognize the importance of environmental issues and make effective use of company assets.

Don't steal from others.

Protect intellectual property rights of the company, and respect that of others.

Don't rely on power.

  • 1. Do not associate with anti-social forces or groups that pose a threat to order and safety in civil society.
  • 2. Build highly transparent relationships with politics and government.

Don't be selfish.

  • 1. Be conscious of the support received from colleagues and the need to reciprocate.
  • 2. Refrain from insider trading.

Don't betray your colleagues.

  • 1. Do not speak or behave in ways that damage trust, credibility or honor.
  • 2. Manage corporate secrets and personal information appropriately, and avoid unauthorized disclosure and leakage.

Take pride in the team.

  • 1. Create a working environment where employees find it comfortable to work.
  • 2. Actively contribute to society as a good corporate citizen.

Above all, love and admire talent. (Never be jealous.)