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About Avex Group

Avex Group Holdings Inc. has established in April 1988 as an importer and seller of records. Aiming improvement of decision making for growing group strategy and administration function, the Group transferred to holing company structure by company split in 2004.

Our current consolidated subsidiary companies are:
Avex Management Inc. / Avex Entertainment Inc. / Avex Marketing Inc. / Avex Live Creative Inc. / Avex Planning & Development Inc. / Avex Music Publishing Inc. / Avex Broadcasting & Communications Inc.

Avex Group organization chart

Avex Group organization chart

Duty of our main consolidated subsidiary companies:

Avex Planning & Development Inc.
Scouting and developing artists, actors/actress, talents
Avex Management Inc.
Management of artists, actors/actress, talents
Avex Entertainment Inc.
Plan and produce music / video
Avex Marketing Inc.
Produce and sell music / video packaged contents
Digital distribution of music / video
Operation of own membership website "mu-mo"
Operation of fan club
Avex Music Publishing Inc.
Apply the rights of intellectual property, including copyright and related rights
Avex Broadcasting & Communications Inc.
Operation of "BeeTV", the mobile phone-based video content distribution.
Avex Live Creative Inc.
Plan and produce live entertainment, such as concert, musical,

It is our tradition of Japanese music industry where layers are divided by project/function such as artist management, record company, concert production and each layers work individually.
It is our strength of having "vertical integration model" within our group with the function that covers all from top to bottom of the entertainment business, such as discovering and nurturing artists, distributing physical and digital products, creating concert, planning and sell merchandise, managing fan clubs. The integrated development for artist branding is also possible by this model and our profit-earning opportunity expand all together.

Core Competence of Avex Group